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Hello – We are Fabric, an award-winning digital agency in Manchester.

Over the last ten years we’ve worked with some great clients from all over the UK to deliver web, mobile, design and marketing projects.

Whether your business needs help with digital marketing, creative design, website and technical development or a new mobile app, your next project needs the right combination of expertise to make sure it’s a success. Our set-up brings together experts from different disciplines required to make your next digital project a success.

As a digital agency in Manchester we work with a host of local businesses large and small, but also provide our creative and marketing expertise to companies from London to America.

So whether it’s SEO or a new e-commerce website, all our projects are overseen by active Project Managers and our Directors to ensure the best possible end result – both technically and creatively with ISO9001 quality.

Take a look at our portfolio to see the work we’ve done and the services section to see how we may be able to help you. If you want to talk to us directly, head over to the hire us page and get in touch now.

Daniel Atherton
Founder & Innovation Director.

Our Happy Clients

Fabric worked closely with our brand to deliver a stunning new digital presence that allows us to remain relevant, cutting edge and well positioned to launch our 2014 range.

Alan Horridge, Supersub

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