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About Fabric

We’re Masters of our Craft

We're based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and have access to a team of specialists in all things digital, Fabric have the skills to make your next project a success. As a company, we've been working in the web design and web development industry since 2002 but our experience goes back to the first personal computers. We’ve always believed in working to best practice methods and doing our best for clients concentrating on long term relationships.

Originally based in Chorley, we moved to central Manchester in 2010 as part of our decision to grow the business. In 2013, we decided to re-name the company Fabric (see why below) to reflect our position as a digital agency covering creative, development and digital marketing. In 2017 after some of our staff transferred to a client we decided to move to Cheshire and concentrate on digital consultancy.

Why Fabric?

First on the agenda, you’re probably wondering why we’re called Fabric. It’s a great little story originating back to 1945 when the founder of our parent company started business in the textile industry. A number of other companies were created and acquired during the 1970s and 1980s, each with a similar heritage in the textile industry. The group has been the heart of Manchester’s textile industry for more than sixty years. After it diversified into other industries from the turn of this century, we joined the Andrew Mercer group of companies in 2010. So in short, our name reflects our group’s role in Manchester’s local history; something we’re very proud of.

Strategies made to measure

Now you’ll want to know what we do. We stitch together all of the essential elements – User Experience (UX), creative design, web development and digital marketing – to allow your brand to become whole, sort of like a patchwork quilt. Whether you’re looking for a new website or a brilliant mobile app, we’re on hand to turn your ideas into a reality.

Want to learn more? Make sure to look at our case studies – you’ll soon see that each and every project we carry out is made to measure.

That knowledge looks great on you!

Beyond our everyday projects, we also choose to share our knowledge freely in our own series of seminars and our blogs. We do this because we believe that a more informed community becomes a more progressive one, and we’re always mindful to provide you, our customers, with an experience that exceeds your expectations.