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15 great responsive websites

27th Feb // 2014

Here at Fabric we are often preaching of the importance of offering a responsive website across all platforms including laptop, tablet and mobile. Great responsive websites should be the norm, especially in online retail.

For e-commerce businesses in particular, having a non-responsive website can turn away up to 60% of your potential business, and only 18% of those will recommend your website. Great responsive websites will help convert mobile traffic to sales, with studies suggesting up to 30% of all website hits are now derived from a handheld device.

Furthermore, now 60% of people expect a responsive experience online, and with so many people now using their smartphones as their primary device in terms of shopping, social media use and news gathering, companies these days must respond to the trend before it's too late and their business has gone elsewhere.

Although so many brands still fail to offer a truly responsive offering, thankfully there are many some it right.

So in no particular order, here are some brands who are getting it right when it comes to responsive website design:

Great responsive websites: BBCBBC

Lets start with one of the staples. The BBC website is one of the most visited mobile websites in the world, and it responds well with easy to navigate news sections and mobile friendly iPlayer services. The home page is also customisable to show the content that most interests you.

Great responsive websites: ZavviZavvi

A great example of how online businesses should showcase themselves online. Zavvi has an easy to navigate mobile website that really draws you in to its products. Great visuals and branding also help this responsive website.

Great responsive websites: eBayeBay

eBay has a great responsive website, which you would expect from one of the biggest online auction sites in the world. Easy to shop and navigate, with built-in connectivity to PayPal accounts makes it easy to both shop and sell.

Great responsive websites: Sky SportsSky Sports

Sky Sports is once again a great example of a simple but powerful mobile website, making it easy to read the news you want and is updated regularly with fresh content. Video content plays well within this responsive design and the branding remains consistent throughout.

Great responsive websites: River IslandRiver Island

One of the best examples of a responsive website design for a clothing brand, the River Island mobile website is visually brilliant with an interesting layout to boot. Easy to shop, buy and view their items.

Great responsive websites: BoohooBoohoo

Not quite at the same level as River Island YET, Boohoo has become one of the largest online clothing retailers in the UK almost overnight, and a well built and easy to use mobile website will have played a big role in their success.

Great responsive websites: TopshopTopshop

The last of the clothing giants, Topshop also uses images well to show off its assets. Simple and easy to use with clear navigation throughout. It is worth noting that Topman also adheres to the same high standards in its mobile website design.

Great responsive websites: Manchester CityManchester City FC

Another area where City have bettered Manchester United this year. The blue half of Manchester offers an easy to use and good looking mobile website, whilst Manchester United's website remains the same as the PC version, which was already cluttered and hard to navigate. A poor showing from the Red Devils. Sort it Moyes?

dGreat responsive websites: Ea SportsEA Sports

Sticking with the football theme, EA Sports also offers a handy mobile website with great visuals to show off its games portfolio. Any website that predominantly showcases images of Leo Messi has to be up there with the very best.

Great responsive websites: BuzzFeedBuzzFeed

One of the social news giants, it is no surprise that BuzzFeed has embraced the mobile world with their brilliant looking news website. A similar style and layout to the main website, but easily mobile friendly to those bored commuters across the world.

Great responsive websites: MashableMashable

No complaints at Mashable's mobile offering with a slightly simplistic but well functioning website. With millions of Twitter followers clicking through to their articles whilst on the go it's a good job too!

Great responsive websites: NeroNero

The Nero website makes both developers and the slightly peckish drool over their offering, with a stunning looking mobile website which makes use of great images depicting their drinks and food.

Great responsive websites: Sheffield HallamSheffield Hallam University

Partly because it's my alma mater but also because it has a great looking website in general, Sheffield Hallam makes the list for its good looking mobile offering. Bright and vibrant with good information is all you can ask for here, and they deliver.

Great responsive websites: GoogleGoogle

It's hard to think of Google having a mobile offering because it is such a big part of our everyday lives, but it had to adapt to the growing popularity of mobile searches too! The main changes are visible in the search and image results.

Great responsive websites: Just EatJust Eat

This is a great mobile app that incorporates everything you need to order a takeaway on the go! It looks great, is simple to use and makes it easier than ever (somewhat worryingly) to order that pizza or kebab.

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Penned by Arthur Wilson in Creative Design