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Why 50% of your customers will check social media before making a purchase (INFOGRAPHIC)

11th Sep // 2014

New research has found that nearly 50% of online consumers would check a brands social media presence before confirming a purchase.

The study, carried out by us here at Fabric, found that 48% of respondents were “likely” or “very likely” to research a businesses Twitter and Facebook accounts, particularly if they had not heard of or purchased from that website before.

Just 32% of respondents said they were unlikely to do so, with a further 20% saying the chances of them checking a companies social media channels was “average”.

Part of the 60 Second Social Media Study started in November 2013, the research aimed to uncover consumers and business owners attitudes to social media, and its importance to online retailers.

social media infographic

Social media output + number of followers = brand popularity

Of those respondents who were likely to check a brands social output, 49% said they would do so to check how popular that company was, with a further 48% keen to see how they interacted with customers.

Here are the reasons why consumers inspect brands social media channels:

    • To see how popular the brand is (49%)

    • To see how the brand interacts with their customers (48%)

    • “If they don't have a social media presence, they wont be a very reputable company” (38%)

    • To see how often the brand updates their content (28%)

    • “The more followers a brand has on Facebook and Twitter, the more reputable that brand will be" (20%)

The results show a strong link between having a strong and successful social media presence and the amount of trust consumers have towards a product and brand.

Interestingly, 20% of those who replied said they saw a direct correlation between the number of followers a brand has on social media, and their perception of how reputable and trustworthy that business must be, with 38% saying no social media output would give the illusion that the brand is not a reputable one.

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The results add further strength to the mounting evidence suggesting the importance of social media to business.

Arthur Wilson, who carried out the research for Fabric, said he was surprised at the results.

“Although we know social media is became a more and more important part of the digital marketing mix for businesses, it was interesting and a little surprising to see how consumers use social media to validate an online business,” he said.

“With nearly half of all our respondents saying they were likely to inspect a brands Twitter, Facebook and other social networking accounts before making a purchase just adds further backing to the importance of social media marketing for all businesses.

“As well as the obvious benefits of having a social strategy in terms of generating brand awareness and online sales, our results also show how important frequently updating content, interacting with customers and having a strong following on social media are to online retailers and other businesses.”

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Penned by Arthur Wilson in Social Media