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All I want for Christmas is...a new website!

22nd Sep // 2015

Ok it may be a weird gift idea but if you do want a new website for Christmas it's time to start planning now.

Although we try to manage client expectations, we always seem to find that designing and building websites take longer than expected - so if you want a new website for Christmas, you need to work fast.

While we do a variety of types of sites we tend to specialise in more complex web developments which do take longer than simpler sites. We would see ecommerce sites as quite straight forward. Where the complexity comes in is where, for example, we need to link to third party data or have full order processing in addition to a checkout process. We even do web based systems that put all company processes online - ultimately saving time and money.

The other main challenge in getting websites launched is that clients under estimate the amount of work they need to do, such as sourcing images and content they would like to appear. We try to build this into our estimates for delivery but in many cases need to chase clients up (sorry but it is worth it). Once we have the content, we normally need to rewrite parts of it to fit in with the keywords we are targeting for the website. We also need to add specific search engine optimisation content such as meta tags and ensure headers are correct.

We offer a complete service as well, covering design and digital marketing as well as the website build. These days whether a site works on mobile, delivers pages quickly and the site content all feed into search engine rankings. Rather than just making pretty sites, our design process looks at the user experience (UX). We consider the types of users of a site and how they can get the information they need. We also look at the devices they are on so a mobile site will work differently from a desktop site, but importantly, both will be delivered from the same page source. This is known as a responsive solution and we've been taking this approach for several years.

Although it's a long process it's something that we do well and our clients can really see the benefit - both visually as a store front for their business and by focusing on what they want to achieve from the web.

So if you are interested in a new website for Christmas - or any other time - contact us here.

Penned by Ajay Kapadia