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Are Brits falling behind when it comes to social media appreciation?

16th Jun // 2015

A new study has found that UK professionals are falling behind when it comes to social media appreciation and attitude towards social networking.

Scredible, an education technology provider, conducted a survey of 1,000 professionals from the UK and US aged between 20 and 45 and discovered that nearly half (47%) of UK respondents believe there is too much useless content on social.

Also, 26% shared that they perceived there to be too much spam on social networks. More worryingly from a marketing perspective though that that 29% said they did not have time to post on social each day, whilst nearly 20% said they were concerned how their social updates may be viewed by employers.

The attitude to social across the pond is a lot more positive according to the survey, with 54% of Americans saying they appreciated the importance of social as a tool for career progression, 15% higher than UK respondents.

Social apprehension 'dimming career prospects'

Chief Executive of Scredible, Colin Lucas-Mudd said: In the UK, our research shows major barriers preventing businesses benefiting from professionals' use of social media at work.

“Many UK workers share concerns over how hard it is to find good content, the time required to sift through spam, and worries their employers’ perception of using social media. As social media rapidly moves into the #1 slot, both as a marketing and support tool, this is a disaster in the making in terms of global competitiveness.

It has become increasingly important for professionals to understand how social can aid learning and development, and Lucas-Mudd suggested opportunities are being lost and career prospects dimmed as a result of the UK's poorer attitude towards social as a whole.

“The UK stands out as a world leader in the creative arts, as well as the knowledge and digital economies. However, the negative perceptions of social media demonstrated by this survey will ultimately put this position at risk.”

See the full infographic of their findings below:

social media infographic

Penned by Arthur Wilson in Social Media