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Check your .uk domain name

30th May // 2019

A change is coming that affects the reserved rights of 3.2 million domain .uk names. If you have a domain name such as, you may well have the right to register the domain but only up to the 25th June 2019.

After 1st July, the reserved right ends and anyone can register a domain name ending .uk that isn’t already registered.

If you currently have a domain name ending,,,,, or and you’ve held it for more than five years, you could well have the right to buy the simpler .uk domain and more importantly stop anyone else buying it.

You can check whether your current domain name has the right to register the shorter .uk domain by visiting a site set up by Nominet – the naming authority in the UK.

If you do have the right to reserve a domain, you should contact the Registrar who has registered your domain. You can find this by doing a search at nominet. The Registrar will have a tag such as FABRIC and there will be a link to their website. They will be able to purchase the domain name for you. You can also contact us to register the .uk domain for you although the reserved right will need to be checked and the registration will need to be in the same name.

When the shorter .uk domains were released in 2014, there was a five year window for the reserved right. Around 96% of .uk domains had the reserved right but some didn’t – for example where the and the were owned by different people.

We’ll be writing to all the clients we hold domains for to inform them of the change and as ever, contact us for any further information.

Penned by Ajay Kapadia in Digital Marketing Legislation Fabric