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Famous celebrities first ever tweets Fabric

Famous celebrities first ever tweets

13th Dec // 2013 - This post is archived and may no longer be relevant

We all remember the day we signed up to Twitter: how confused and unknowledgeable we were. I myself have gone from talking about bouncy castles and saying how excited i was for that nights impending club visit, to having nearly 6,000 followers and using the micro-blogging network as a serious content marketing tool.

Can you remember your first tweet? Trying to figure out the way a Twitter handle worked, and figuring out just what the hell a trend is?

Some of Twitter's most followed celebs started somewhere too. Here are a collection of their very first tweets!

The President's second ever tweet back in 2007:


And the tweet that started it all...



And it is fair to say Justin Bieber has improved his tweeting techniques massively since joining Twitter. Here are his first, dull, salesy and uninspiring early tweets:

But this is my all time fave opening tweet, from a "lady" who got it straight away and is now the third most followed person on Twitter - Enter Gaga:

Penned by Arthur Wilson