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Google waives €100,000 Adwords bill for 12-year old

6th Oct // 2016

Many marketing beginners make mistakes with Adwords, but perhaps not on this scale…

Jose Javier, a 12 year old boy from Spain, set out to advertise his brass band using the Google Adwords platform. Thinking that he would get paid for placing adverts on his website, much like the Adsense platform, he created an account using a savings account his parents had set up for him.

The boy’s parents only discovered the costly mistake when they received a phone call from the bank, warning them about the excessive charges being made to the account.

In a statement a Google spokeswoman has revealed that they are waiving the €100,000 (£88,000) charge, acknowledging that, “it was all a mistake and that he did it without thinking”.

The boy, from the city of Torrevieja in South-East Spain, had intended to earn some money through the adverts and use it towards instruments for his brass band, Los Salerosos, in which he plays the trumpet.

Hopefully the budding musician/web developer/marketer learns from his mistake and has better success in his future projects!

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Penned by Sam Butterworth in Digital Marketing