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How can we use audio to improve Digital Marketing results?

29th Sep // 2016

Fabric recently went along to “The power of Audio and it’s place in the Digital World”, a lunch event run by MPA, an organisation promoting collaboration within the creative and media industry in Manchester. Audio can often be an afterthought, or even not used at all, in digital campaigns, so we thought this was a great opportunity to consider alternative advertising methods or ways in which new and old technologies can combine to create more effective campaigns for our clients.

The event mainly focused on radio and other audio-only marketing channels, something which, given the popularity of streaming music online from radio stations or a number of music services, should be a consideration for every campaign you run. Audio is a highly emotive medium, able to conjure up all sorts of feelings and brain activity as shown by the “Strike a Chord” presentation. This amazing EEG and semiotics study led to the launch of Brand Music Navigator, a tool for discovering the right kind of music for the feel or thought you’re trying to convey.

Audio is of course not restricted to audio-exclusive channels such as radio. With the never-ending increase in demand for video use in digital campaigns we can, and should, capitalise on the power of audio whenever possible. For the vast majority of people music is an influencer, consciously or unconsciously, so using the right kind of music for your campaign is vital. One key takeaway from the “Strike a Chord” campaign was that, “musical ad campaigns are 27% more likely to report large business effects compared to non-music campaigns”.

Personalisation within audio advertising is seen as fairly new and exciting by consumers and advertisers alike but the technology is now fairly well established. As demonstrated by Sam Crowther of A Million Ads, subtle but effective data points such as location, weather, time, day of week and device type can provide impactful but non-intrusive personalisation which consumers will more easily relate to. Personalised audio advertising is definitely one worth experimenting with if you haven’t yet!

The event concluded with an interactive binaural/3D audio demonstration, with Tom Whitlow of Global taking the room on a round-the-world trip using just blindfolds and headphones. Although this exact method may not be a practical use for many campaigns it certainly helped to demonstrate the power of audio to anyone that might not yet have been convinced!

Audio use is certainly a growing concern for many advertisers and if you haven’t ventured into the world of audio advertising before then we highly recommend you do!

If you want more information on any of the points above, or want to discover what digital marketing can do for your business, contact us now.

Penned by Sam Butterworth in Digital Marketing