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I have a website, now what?

11th Jun // 2015

Anyone with itchy creative digital fingers will have created a website in the past, but the question they often ask themselves is,

“Ihave a website, now what?”

If a website has been built purely as proof of concept or to unleash some creative juices, then not much. If a website has been created to serve another purpose, such as selling a product, then the answer to “I have a website now what?” turns into a rather complex one.

There must be millions of websites online that just sit there, beautifully created and crafted with thought and precision but are buried in amongst the trillions of web pages online.

The answer is to get exposure, and to get exposure you need to start marketing. But for a new website which digital marketing methods will work best?

Here's a look at some of the options available.

Search Engine Optimisation


The reason why so many websites reside in the Google rankings graveyard is that they have not been optimised for search. SEO is the coming together of over 100 factors that account of the search popularity of a website in the eyes of a search engine, encompassing everything from on-site content and linking websites.

Optimising a website for search is perhaps the most crucial element of online marketing, helping to produce ongoing traffic for any site that ranks high enough for its target keywords. And of course, with great traffic comes great responsibility the opportunity to sell your items into visiting users.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a must for the majority of businesses niches as an avenue for increased digital brand awareness and a means to generating incremental social web traffic.

Social networks are particularly useful for brand new websites that won't have a search presence in Google as they will help create a nice trickle that can become a stream of website views to help produce sales and conversions.

Some businesses are almost totally reliant on social media marketing, in particular Facebook. Businesses with thousands of likes on the worlds' largest social network can generate thousands of website visits each month and generate hundreds of sales.

So if you're asking yourself “I have a website, now what?”, once you've optimised your site, head on over and sign up to social.

Content Marketing

Content marketing

But of course, you will need something to put on social. Yes you can tweet away your special offers or post about how fantastic your services are, but any new website needs content, and a thought out content marketing strategy. The content comes in the form of blog articles, and here's what you do with them.

Write at least one, 500 word (or as many more words as you have time to do) per week and market the hell out of it. Share it on social, share it via email. Get it passed around as far as your digital reach can push it.

Content can create a buzz around and spark interest in a website, and generate traffic from social shares and email clicks.

Google also loves fresh content, and it's a clear sign to the search engine that you mean business with your new website and are worthy of being ranked in search results.

Be consistent, be creative and be aggressive in your marketing of your content.

Talk about yourself in popular digital neighbourhoods

Search engine marketing

Whatever your niche, there will be other websites online that talk about it. They can be news websites, discussion sites, forums, blogs... there will be hundreds if not thousands if not millions.

Do a search in Google for “(your business niche) forums/blogs/news” and see what crops up. Get active in these communities by commenting on posts, sharing their content on social and offering some of your content to them as well.

This is a great free way to advertise your website without really having to spend a dime, and the benefits include brand awareness, referral traffic and also potentially powerful backlinks.

I have a website, now what? Now you know

Get out there and explore the digital world around you and your website, get promoting and get talking and your new website can be a success.

Penned by Arthur Wilson in Social Media Web Development Digital Marketing