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Reflections from ionSearch 2012 Fabric

Reflections from ionSearch 2012

26th Apr // 2012 - This post is archived and may no longer be relevant

Last week myself and Ajay took the short journey across the Pennines to go to the ionSearch conference in Leeds for the day.

I always enjoy going to conferences, they provide valuable time out of the office to reflect, see what the rest of the industry is doing and talk about the latest trends.  It was good to chew the fat with other search engine experts, including some of the speakers from USA and elsewhere in Europe.

There was lots of talk and reflection on Google’s continuing algorithm changes around filtering out websites out of the search results.  Prompted by the recent round of warnings from Google leading to sites being filtered out of their results for what they deem to be artificial link building profiles.

Following on from that, there was some detailed analysis of how Google might determine a website’s inbound link profile and how to avoid falling foul of what they might expect to see.

As you’d expect, social media was high on the agenda with lots of discussion and ideas about how it can also benefit search engine marketing. One of my favourite presentations was Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online in the USA, talking about how proactive Social inherently prompts reactive searches in Google, providing examples from his new book; Optimised.

Google were also represented with a presentation about Google+, including a live demonstration of its hangouts feature.  Predictably, the questions from the audience focused on how Google+ may or may not affect search rankings but unfortunately there were no new announcements there.  One thing that would be of interest to clients was Google’s statistic that Google+ integration leads to a 10-15% increase in click throughs from their results pages.

For me, a key message from the day was that our own approach to SEO is the right one. Focusing on quality information across different media, with creative idea to encourage inbound links and avoiding low quality link building practices that are all too common elsewhere.

Oh, and the lunch on the day was very good too!

Penned by Arthur Wilson