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Study highlights problems consumers have when shopping online Fabric

Study highlights problems consumers have when shopping online

11th Feb // 2013

According to statistics 83% of online shoppers need support in completing their online orders. We've delved deeper into the stats and have picked out the highlights....

Shopping online may seem the easiest thing to do these days, where you can search, click and buy in the comfort of your own home. However there are recurring issues which are preventing customers from completing their potential purchases.

    • 70% of the time, customers abandon their online shopping carts due to unexpected delivery costs; consumers expect the prices to be transparent, or free. However there are some sites such as Amazon that allow customers to choose from a range of delivery prices, but their lowest (or free) price generally comes with a later delivery date which may not be suitable for those who want their purchase in a hurry.

    • Lack of information about product amounts to 56% of customers leaving retail websites, and anything they might have already put in their shopping carts. Regardless of the price of the product, customers want to know as much as they can about it. Generic text across all products can be a turn-off (for example: "We stock a range of beautiful dresses for all occasions" - users want to know which occasion is the best for the dress they're looking at) and people also want to know about size, durability, material and what other people have thought about the item.

    • There are many scams and false websites online which is perhaps responsible for a 50% drop out due to security reasons. If users do not believe their card details and personal information will be secure, they will avoid buying with that merchant. Consumers may also smell a fake when it comes to premium goods advertised at "too good to be true" prices, because they probably are too good to be true.

    • 46% will find a website hard to navigate around, probably meaning that they can't find what they are looking for. This struggle may be due to complex websites and a lack of search options, but may also be attributed to poor mobile website experiences.

    • Other problems highlighted in the study included problems at checkout and the lack of customer support. In a survey, 83% of shoppers said they needed a form of support during their online shopping experience: 31% expect immediate help and 40% expect a helping hand within five minutes. The most popular service needed for customer support is by telephone (61%) which highlights the need for clear contact information; customers also expect the ability to email (60%) and may also require live chat and click to call.

From these statistics, it is a clear indication that websites and companies need to assess their websites to make sure they are user friendly and informative. Assistance also seems a priority; just like in high street shops, a friendly face and some guidance always helps. In this case, the use of live chat and phone call services are vital to ensure customers are coming away from their online shopping trip with higher level of satisfaction.

Penned by Arthur Wilson in Web Development