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Tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

26th Feb // 2019

Most people in business know that LinkedIn is a great place to build up your network and it’s becoming increasingly important in generating leads. But it’s still surprising how many users have profiles that are in need of improvement. Here’s an easy to follow guide to optimising your profile:


1. Your name

Obviously use your name in your profile – or it is obvious? If you have a nickname or a shortened form of your name, which should you use so that people can find you? Actually shortened names are not too bad, so if you are called Alexander but Alex for short, you’ll probably be found. But not so obvious is when your nickname is spelt differently, such as Andy instead of Andrew and Steve instead of Stephen.

In these cases, it’s worth putting one of your names in brackets so both are shown. 

If you have a former name, such as a maiden name, you can add this using Add Former Name in settings:

2. Your Photograph

Many people now use LinkedIn photos to recognise you at events so you should use a head shot as full length photos don’t provide the detail. You should always have a photo - not the generic "shadow."

It’s also recommended that you look directly at the camera as you’re engaging in eye to eye contact.

2. Your Headline

This is probably the second most important setting after your name – but most people just use their job title. This is actually what is displayed every time you post or comment, so you should really put something about what you do and how you can help people who find you.

If you’re struggling start with the phrase “I help people/businesses to…”

3. Background image

Many people use the default blue background (as pictured , however it’s easy to change this.

Your background is an opportunity to advertise, although be aware that sometimes your headshot is to the left and other times it’s central.

You also need to check that your image is the correct size and orientation – thin landscape – although when you upload the image, LinkedIn provides a grid to select which part of your image to show.

4. Contact Information

Remember that you should always provide information for people to contact you – so include your email address, phone number and physical address. The default setting for Contact on LinkedIn is your LinkedIn profile, which isn’t very helpful as that just takes a user back to the page they were just on. Don't forget to add the correct location as well.

When you add a website to your contact information, you get a link back from LinkedIn which is valuable for search engine optimisation. 
You can also add the website under the category of other (rather than Company or Personal website) as this lets you put in a description for the page.


5. Education

Make sure you fill in your location and education settings. Remember that only the top 5 positions show and you can have concurrent positions. Make sure you use the correct organisations – the ones that have the correct logos. This can help when alumni are looking for services.

6. Experience

You should use the Experience section of your profile as a mini CV. List all your jobs and try not to leave gaps. Also remember to include any voluntary positions and remember that only the top five are shown but you can also have concurrent positions. You should include a couple of lines about each position but don’t go overboard.

7. Skills and Endorsements

Don’t forget to include your skills here and ask other people for endorsements. They will be prompted to do this. 

8. Recommendations

Ask your clients and colleagues to recommend you. On websites, testimonials always work well and it’s the same on LinkedIn.

9. Accomplishments

You should list any certifications, languages and other honours (or honors!) here.

Including links to certificates helps with the endorsement.

10. Your URL

Your default URL on LinkedIn is your name followed by random letters and numbers. In my case I had something like which I changed to If you have a common name, you can add your job title or location to the end.

If you need any help with your LinkedIn profile or have any questions get in touch.

Penned by Ajay Kapadia in Social Media Digital Marketing Fabric