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Top 10 Mobile Websites in the UK Fabric

Top 10 Mobile Websites in the UK

16th Jul // 2013

Three out of four people in the UK who own a mobile have a smartphone, and as such competition is fierce amongst online retailers and news sites.

Retailers have had to adapt as web browsing trends have evolved, with a much more urgent need for mobile friendly, responsive websites and mobile apps.

Here are the top 10 mobile websites in the UK.

    1. Amazon UK

Online shopping store Amazon tops the list of the most searched for websites via a mobile device.

It adapted to mobile quickly after recognising the current internet trends, and is credited with being the most influential player in the mobile retail market.

An array of mobile friendly apps, responsive websites and m-commerce options has ensured that users of all mobile and tablet devices can navigate and buy products from its extensive online catalogues with ease.

    1. Argos

The retail giant had originally reserved its mobile apps for Check and Reserve services, but has relatively recently expanded by developing applications equipped with fully functioning e-commerce services.


Amazon UK's American mother takes third spot in a quirk of these statistics, helping cement Amazon's brand at the top of our British mobile searches.

    1. Next

Despite its relative struggles on the high street, Next has flourished online and takes fourth spot in this list.

Next relies exclusively on a responsive website, and has yet to devise and develop a native mobile app.

You would have thought given its rather surprising popularity online that the next topic on Next bosses to-do list will be to find a creative digital agency to help maintain their mobile retail market dominance.

    1. Tesco

Rather unsurprisingly, the UK's favourite supermarket makes it into the top 5 with its well designed and simplistic mobile apps.

    1.  Debenhams

Debenhams well and truly indulged itself with mobile technology after launching both native and web based apps for its website, which was already mobile friendly.

It has made use of QR codes in its stores to promote interest, and now offers free wi-fi in their flagship stores.

    1. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Sparks presence on this list must be proof that the older generations have well and truly mastered the art of mobile communications.

Their mobile apps are well thought out, but require you to create an account before making a purchase, which for a mobile user is a huge bugbear.

    1. ASOS

Specialist online fashion retailer ASOS has done well to find itself in the top 10 most searched for UK mobile websites.

The now well established brand's mobile applications leave little to the imagination compared to its desktop webpage, and it encompasses a lengthy and laborious checkout system.

    1. John Lewis

One of Britain's most recognisable brands, John Lewis' online app serves its customer well, with easy to navigate features and a fast checkout system that doesn’t require you create an account to purchase their products.

    1. New Look

Another popular high street brand props up this list, though you feel New Looks conversion rate will be rather low as tiny form fields and a lengthy checkout system will leave many buyers of shades and shoes screaming at their phones.

Give them credit though, they do offer a PayPal payment service through their mobile apps, and it looks rather stylish too.



Penned by Arthur Wilson in Web Development Creative Design