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Want more Twitter traffic? Target the night owls

30th Jun // 2015

A new social media study by Buffer, the largest of its kind, has discovered that the best time to generate more Twitter traffic is in the early hours of the morning.

The social software website analysed more than 4.8 million tweets from its vast user base to uncover both the best time to tweet, and the time of the day that's most popular for tweeting.

The study found that on average across all time zones the most popular time for tweets was between 11am and 1pm, and interestingly that the best time to tweet to generate the most clicks is between 2am and 4am when conversely there are the least number of tweets published.

The study also found some other interesting stats, including that evenings and later on at night are when tweets get the highest number of favourites and retweets. However, the optimum engagement periods differ across time zones.

The interesting dilemma for brands is how they should effectively use this data – do they send their social messages across Twitter during quiet periods to generate more traffic due to less newsfeed congestion, or do they aim to target peak periods to reach out and generate further brand awareness as more users are active at these times?

What the study does suggest is that the early hours shouldn't be discarded, and using scheduling software like TweetDeck means that messages can be sent throughout a 24 hour period to capitalise on both high peak usage periods and high click ratio periods too.

Penned by Arthur Wilson in Social Media