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Citation are one of the biggest employment law, health & safety and ISO providers in the UK. As a rapidly growing company in a competitive market, Citation needed a website that reflected their quality and put them ahead of the competition.


Initially, this project looked like a standard creative website redesign however the challenge here is that Citation demand the best and improving the conversion rate of their website was a key measure of success.

The second aim was to promote Citation's employment law and health & safety seminars with the objective of expanding their coverage across the UK.


After several visits to their offices, and having seen the business processes and talked with the staff in person, we felt that we had a good understanding of the company values and objectives.

In order to improve the conversion rate of we had to consider every aspect of the creative design with the end user in mind.

Layouts, content and navigation were all led by the user profiles and user journeys that we mapped out during the preceding UX process and the implementation was validated using user testing and improved incrementally.

Linking of seminars to relevant content throughout the site, strong calls to action, and more informative seminar pages were our solution to increase seminar uptake.


The final design stayed within the Citation brand guidlines while moving towards an image led approach.

A seminar banner was given a lot of prominance and a countdown timer to the next seminar was used, adding a sense of urgency for users to book.

The Free Guides section from their old site was completely reworked to make it easier for users to find and download guides.

To reduce the amount of training needed for internal staff when transitioning from the old site, the website development was based on the Joomla framework, Citations's preferred CMS.

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