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As a leading cruise retailer, World Travel Holdings (WTH) know a thing or two about cruises.  Established in 2005 with brands including Cruise118 and Six Star Cruises, their aim to make your choice of cruise pleasant and stress free with a personalised online concierge. WTH came to us to build on the success of their iCruiseConcierge service.


World Travel Holdings UK (WTH) set three challenges for us to improve on an already excellent iCruiseConcierge offering.

Firstly, we needed to persuade users to complete their booking by putting any information that they could need about their cruise at their fingertips. 

The second challenge was that WTH wanted to extend the functionality of iCruiseConcierge, thus enabling customers to enhance their cruise by booking excursions from the ports they would be visiting.

Finally, feedback from existing cruise guests suggested the best time to start looking for your next cruise is just after you return. The challenge here was to improve iCruiseConcierge to suggest future cruises based on their previous booking.

All of these challenges had to be tailored so that the experience was perfect, whatever the user's preferred browsing device.


This was a full creative refresh of the site. User profiling showed that a range of devices would be used to access iCruiseConcierge and our solution didn't just work on all devices, it excelled thanks to our user centric design process. Our UX designers worked closely with WTH to come up with user journeys for the site followed by an appealing creative solution

The previous solution was only available to existing customers after they had booked their cruise. The new development is aimed at streamlining the booking process for new customers by using clear signposting and calls to action.

Once they have booked, customers now have a more engaging website with an easy to follow checklist of what they need to do before they embark. They can also find out information about the ports they are visiting and book excursions as well as having access to the ship details and their full itinerary.

After the cruise has ended, our solution automatically contacts the user, requesting feedback and encouraging them to book their next cruise. Careful use of time limited special offers and a choice of cruises based on their past cruise preferences, are used to increase repeat bookings.


Every detail of our solution was carefully considered and tested. There are several key features that help WTH to achieve their objectives:

Creative use of emotive cruise photography improved conversion rates.
A countdown timer added a sense of urgency for users to complete their booking.
Clear contrast was used to highlight call to action buttons.
All detail needed to complete a booking, itineraries, excursions, deck layouts and facts about the ship were included.

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