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The official King Crimson website

The official King Crimson website


King Crimson were formed in 1969 and were one of the world's first progressive rock bands with tracks such as "In the Court of the Crimson King" and  "21st Century Schizoid Man." 

When their promotors, DGM, approached Fabric their current site was not mobile responsive and struggled to cope with demand.


The site that King Crimson needed was a living archive catering for the needs of die-hard fans with an extensive back catalogue as well as a fan club, forum and band member diaries. The site needed to promote up coming tours and let users download tracks from previous tours.

DGM already had a good idea of the design they wanted and Fabric provided the expertise for the features and stability of the platform. 


Taking the challenges into consideration, Fabric designed and built a cloud based load balanced solution so that servers can come online automatically to handle surges in demand.

The site itself has a timeline and lists all of the bands tour dates from 1969 including archived recordings that users can download - either for free or at a small cost. Fans can join the popular 1000 Club which gives them a number of benefits including free downloads and the opportunity to attend "Family and Friends" events.

The site has close integration with social media platforms and users can listen to samples of tracks before they download them. The site is fully content managed and news items and diary updates are posted on most days.  


  • Fabric's custom built website for the music industry offer the following benefits:

    Easy for fans to find shows, events and albums that they like
    Give fans a taster of your tracks by taking advantage of the automatic sampling system
    Sell digital downloads to fans, taking complex EU VAT regulations into account
    Tailored content based on fans preferences and exposure to the artists and events
    Royalties report
    VAT report for digital downloads
    Promote artists and events through news and blog articles
    Integrate with booking agents and payment providers
    Integrate with Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram social media platforms to add rich media content to shows, events and albums
    Works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
    Promote back catalogues with ecommerce
  • Online VIP Ticket sales
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