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Beautiful websites for the music industry

Beautiful websites for the music industry


Fabric build high quality websites with the specific needs of the music entertainment industry.

Having worked with several promoters and artists in the music industry, Fabric found an opportunity to provide high quality websites with the specific features needed to promote artists, events and albums.


Artists, promoters and record labels are faced with a challenge of publicising upcoming events and albums. Many choose to use social media to do this, but many social platforms are now crowded and are not the only way musicians should be promoting.

Not only do they have to satisfy the needs of die-hard fans, they have to cater for people with varying levels of experience and exposure to the artists and events. For an event or artist to grow, they need to attract new fans.


Taking the challenges into consideration, Fabric designed and build a customer website platform to satisfy the specific needs of artists, promoters and record labels.

By providing more sophisticated features than vanilla social media can handle but also integrating social platforms, including music specific platforms such as SoundCloud, we've created a flexible system that can be used by a variety of media specialists.


Fabric's custom built websites for the music industry off the following benefits:
  • Easy for fans to find shows, events and albums that they like
  • Give fans a taster of your tracks by taking advantage of the automatic sampling system
  • Sell digital downloads to fans, taking complex EU VAT regulations into account
  • Tailored content based on fans preferences and exposure to the artists and events
  • Royalties report
  • VAT report for digital downloads
  • Promote artists and events through news and blog articles
  • Integrate with booking agents and payment providers
  • Integrate with Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram social media platforms to add rich media content to shows, events and albums
  • Works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Promote back catalogues

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