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UX should bring brandsandcustomers together

User centric design means that the user is in control.
It's their money they're spending so they want the right to have a voice.
And we don't blame them.

UX Fabric

We aim to deliver seamless DIGITAL EXPERIENCES

Our UX strategies are built around one overriding feature. We demand that our digital solutions provide the optimum experience that users want to enjoy across all of their devices or digital touch points. We believe there is no excuse for letting the end user down.

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The Importance of a solid UX strategy

User Expectations are on the increase

79% of users will jump to another site to complete their task if the content is not optimised for their enjoyment.* This means that they now expect a tailored and seamless experience. (Source :: GE Capital Bank 2013)

Your competition will be harnessing UX

73% of your competition not conducting UX testing now will be doing so in the next 12 months* .If they’re reaching out to your users and asking ‘what do you want?’, you can’t afford to not be doing the same. (Source :: eConsultancy User Experience Survey Report)

UX will help improve conversion rates

Consumers are starting to use mobile exclusively to make purchase decisions. 60% of users who don’t buy cite dissatisfaction or not enough information and UX can remedy both of the issues. (Source :: Customers 202.The Future of B2B Customer Experience)

The fabric UX process delivers results every time


This is the first step in our comprehensive UX process. We need to idenitfy the project goals and KPI’s and work with senior stakeholders to set some milestone targets.This stage is used to inform all future stages...

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UX adopts a quasi-scientific approach. It’s all about the research initially. Benchmarking the current status quo so that improvements can be identified and tracked. We need to understand who is looking at the website and what they ideally want from that site. We aim to research the brand, the company, its users + more...

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A builder would not start work on a project without a full set of architectural plans. Our prototypes (or wireframes) are our set of blueprints - that allow us to design a solution that perfectly fits the needs of both our clients, and their customers.

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Up to this point, all decisions have been based on the experience of the UX designer. Validating our decisions through user testing tells us when we are on the right track and steers us in the right direction when we are going off course.

The Benefits of our UX process

A good UX process will strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers. It will prove vital in delivering compelling content streams that will drive conversions and improve the profitability of your digital presence.

We recommend a solid UX process to all of our clients and stress that without taking UX seriously, they and we are flying blind. Our best guess assumptive logic on behalf of site users will never be a match for raw data delivered directly by those site users.

A UX design consultancy That delivers for its clients

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